Welcome to the webpage of all things Noah Baetge.  The tabs across the top will help you explore my materials, recordings and videos, as well as my classical music blog where I write about my upcoming performances, my travels, and topics that are important to me.

I am an operatic tenor specializing in opera and symphonic works.  I have worked with companies such as the Metropolitan Opera, Seattle Opera, Seattle Symphony, Pittsburgh Opera, Huntsville Symphony Orchestra, and many others.

My passion for opera and classical music also lends to teaching, where I enjoy bringing a love of all things music to those who have not been exposed to it.  One of the biggest difficulties in Opera and Classical Music today is how to reach a new audience, and finding new ways to do so through social media in the digital age fascinates me.

If you are a lover of classical music and opera, there should be some interesting things for you within.  If not, I hope something inspires you to find out more and maybe see a live performance in the future.

Hope to see you there!